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A Wish in the Air - Personal Essay

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The title of my story is called A Wish In The Air.A Wish In The Air is about a dandlelion who has a special wish.Her wish is to got to California.Right now she is in Utah.Now I will mybegiun my story caled A Wish In the air.One day a dadndlelion named Dandlelin had a wish. Her wish was to go where the rest if her family was,California.Currently Dandelion was in Utah. Dandlelin missed her family very much.So dandlelin when she wakes up in the morning she alwys wishes for her wish to come true.Dandlelin did it everyday,but it never seemed to happen.But one day after a year,Dandlelin gave up on her wish.So whenshe gave up on her wish she said to herself “My wish will never come true!” . Then Dandlelin went to bed.But the next day when Dandlelin woke up she was in Carson City.So when dandlelin woke up she was very happy.Dandlelin said “I cant belive it I I i’m in Carsin City! I am SO close to my family in California!”. Dandlelin was rather very happy that morning.Dandlelin just had one question in her head.Het question was if she will ever find her family.So Dandlelin has not lost all hpor in getting back to her family.So once again Dandlelin said her wish every morning and night. Dandelion also said to herself before she got out of bed and before she went to bed that she will find her family again.But for now Dandelin lived in Carson City.But once again Dandelion gave up on her wish and stopped saying her wish in the morning and before bed after 2 years in Carson City.Dandelin also said “I will NEVER NEVER find my family!”.But one day she woke up and she found herself where it seemed to be...CALIFORNIA! Dandelion felt more happy than anything else in the world.Dandalin said “Thank Goodness! I am in California!”. But when she turned around she saw her family's house. But when Dandelin floated in the air she went into her family's house.Dandelion's family’s house was under a tree.but when Dandelin was under the tree she did not see her family. So when Dandelin did not see her family she started to cry and gave up,AGAIN. Dandelion felt very sad.But soon Dandelion figured out that she was under the wrong tree. So then Dandlelin waited for the wind to float her to the next tree.After 2 whole hours



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